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Thaumatotibia leucotreta (False Codling Moth) - New for Norfolk (Adventive)
Anatrachyntis badia - Florida Pink Scavenger - New for Norfolk (Adventive)
Three species New for Norfolk in August 2016
Herb Emerald - Microloxia herbaria - New to Norfolk and UK !
Cereal-stem Moth - Ochsenheimeria vacculella - New to Norfolk
Elachista stabilella (Southern Dwarf) - New for Norfolk
Gravitarmata margarotana - Pine Cone Tortrix - New for Norfolk
Cydia strobiella (Spruce Seed Moth) - New for Norfolk Vice-county 27
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 89 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2016
NMS Spring Meeting - Garden Moth Scheme with Graham Geen
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 88 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2015
Tachystola acroxantha (Ruddy Streak) - New for Norfolk
Passenger - Dysgonia algira - New for Norfolk
Ancylolomia tentaculella (Scarce Striped Grass-veneer) - Rare migrant - New for Norfolk
Confirmed New for Norfolk species in June / July 2015.... more to follow....
Eucosma metzneriana (Mugwort Bell) - New for Norfolk
Striped Hawk-moth caught at West Rudham on Thursday night 21st May
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2015
Phaneta pauperana (Scarce Rose Bell) New for Norfolk Vice-county 27
Norfolk Moth Survey - NEWSLETTER 87 OUT NOW
Norfolk Moth Survey - Migrant Moths in East Anglia - Tuesday 14th April
We are back up and running!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2014
Crimson Speckled - New for Norfolk
Bryotropha basaltinella (Thatch Groundling) - New for Norfolk.
Yponomeuta irrorella (Scarce Ermine) - New for Norfolk.
Metalampra italica (Italian Tubic) - New for Norfolk
Silvery Gem - New for Norfolk, Second in UK
Oncocera semirubella (Rosy-striped Knot-horn) - New for VC28
Stigmella magdalenae - New for Norfolk
E-moth - Moths Count Update Spring 2014
Scarlet Tiger found in Norfolk !!!!!!
Ectoedemia turbidella mines found at Hockwold - New for Norfolk!
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 85 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2013
Diaphania perspectalis – Box Tree Moth – New for Norfolk.
New for Norfolk in August 2013
Parornix carpinella (Hornbeam Slender) - New for Norfolk.
Scythris picaepennis (White-dusted Owlet) – New for Norfolk.
Lace Border found at a second Norfolk site.... in VC27!!!!
Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter 83 now available to download
Dotted Chestnut - First for Norfolk on 24th April 2013
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2013
Duponchelia fovealis - New to VC28 on 1st Jan 2013!
CPRE Norfolk Award 2012
Cydia illutana (Larch Piercer) First for Norfolk.
Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell) New to Norfolk Vice-county 28
Cochylis molliculana (Ox-tongue Conch) First for Norfolk.
Gelechia senticetella (Cypress Groundling) First for Norfolk.
White-mantled Wainscot (Archanara neurica) - New to Norfolk!
Epiblema grandaevana (Great Bell) New to Norfolk
Sclerocona acutellus - Thatch Pearl - New to Norfolk!
Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter now available to download
E-moth Update April 2012
New Book - OUT NOW - Conifer Moths of the British Isles - Written by Jon Clifton and Jim Wheeler
Norfolk Moth Survey - Field Meetings in 2012
E-moth Update Jan 2012
E-moth Update October 2011
Moth events being organised by NWT and Natural Surroundings
E-moth Update April 2011
New Book: Bird-dropping Tortrix Moths of the British Isles
E-moth - Moths Count Update January 2011
Norfolk Moth Survey - Newsletter 78 - Autumn 2010
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2010
Norfolk Moth Survey - Newsletter 77 - Spring 2010
Norfolk moth Survey - Events 2010
E-Moth - Moths Count Update March 2010
E-moth - Moths Count Update December 2009
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 76 - Out Now
E-moth - Moths Count Update September 2009
Moths Count Update April 2009
Norfolk County Recorder Changes
New 2009 Norfolk Moths flyer
iMoths - Norfolk Moths Mobile Gateway (screen shots)
A Net Full Of Moths - English moth recorders conference presentation by Martin Harvey.
Sloe Pug
Latest website news
National moth recorders conference in Birmingham - Sat 31 Jan.
Porter's Rustic - First Norfolk Record!
Corn Moth - Nemapogon granella - recent records
Three new Norfolk micros!
Norfolk Moths at Wild About Norfolk 2008
Tree-lichen Beauty & Cloaked Pug - New Norfolk macros!
Titchwell (National Insect Week)
National Insect Week 2008
National Moth Night - Events
E-moth - Moths Count update April 2008
Moths Count Update
World of moths - a free event at RSPB Titchwell
E-moth - Moths Count update Jan 2008
E-moth - Moths Count update October 2007
Wild About Norfolk
Moths Count Newsletter
Report 2006
Posted: 7th Apr 2012

Norfolk Moth Survey - Field Meetings in 2012

Events/Meetings:       (gridref links to OS map)

Friday 18 May Lynford Arboretum
Meet 8.00pm at the Arboretum entrance at TL822941

Saturday 16 June Brettenham Heath
Meet 8.30pm by the gate off the A11 at TL917863

Saturday 23 June Betty’s Fen
National Moth Night. This is a joint meeting with our friends from the Suffolk Moth Group. Meet 8.30pm at Redgrave & Lopham SWT car park TM053801

Saturday 14 July Hockering Wood
Meet 8.30pm by the entrance gate to the wood at TG071150

Saturday 21 July Strumpshaw Fen
Meet 8.30pm Park in the RSPB car park , carefully crossing the railway to meet by the reception hide. TG341067

Saturday 18 August Barrow Common
Meet 8.00pm parking carefully beside the road at TF790431

Saturday 15 September Weybourne Heath
Meet 7.00pm Enter the conifer woodland through the gate at Weybourne Forest Lodges, TG119413. Turn right and follow the forestry road down to an open area near a pond in the woods at TG127421

Saturday 20 October Blickling Woods
Meet 10.30am at the National Trust car park at the Itteringham end. This is a daytime meeting to search for leaf mines, and we are again privileged to be led by Dr John Langmaid. TG162297

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