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Thaumatotibia leucotreta (False Codling Moth) - New for Norfolk (Adventive)
Anatrachyntis badia - Florida Pink Scavenger - New for Norfolk (Adventive)
Three species New for Norfolk in August 2016
Herb Emerald - Microloxia herbaria - New to Norfolk and UK !
Cereal-stem Moth - Ochsenheimeria vacculella - New to Norfolk
Elachista stabilella (Southern Dwarf) - New for Norfolk
Gravitarmata margarotana - Pine Cone Tortrix - New for Norfolk
Cydia strobiella (Spruce Seed Moth) - New for Norfolk Vice-county 27
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 89 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2016
NMS Spring Meeting - Garden Moth Scheme with Graham Geen
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 88 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2015
Tachystola acroxantha (Ruddy Streak) - New for Norfolk
Passenger - Dysgonia algira - New for Norfolk
Ancylolomia tentaculella (Scarce Striped Grass-veneer) - Rare migrant - New for Norfolk
Confirmed New for Norfolk species in June / July 2015.... more to follow....
Eucosma metzneriana (Mugwort Bell) - New for Norfolk
Striped Hawk-moth caught at West Rudham on Thursday night 21st May
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2015
Phaneta pauperana (Scarce Rose Bell) New for Norfolk Vice-county 27
Norfolk Moth Survey - NEWSLETTER 87 OUT NOW
Norfolk Moth Survey - Migrant Moths in East Anglia - Tuesday 14th April
We are back up and running!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2014
Crimson Speckled - New for Norfolk
Bryotropha basaltinella (Thatch Groundling) - New for Norfolk.
Yponomeuta irrorella (Scarce Ermine) - New for Norfolk.
Metalampra italica (Italian Tubic) - New for Norfolk
Silvery Gem - New for Norfolk, Second in UK
Oncocera semirubella (Rosy-striped Knot-horn) - New for VC28
Stigmella magdalenae - New for Norfolk
E-moth - Moths Count Update Spring 2014
Scarlet Tiger found in Norfolk !!!!!!
Ectoedemia turbidella mines found at Hockwold - New for Norfolk!
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 85 - Out Now!
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2013
Diaphania perspectalis Box Tree Moth New for Norfolk.
New for Norfolk in August 2013
Parornix carpinella (Hornbeam Slender) - New for Norfolk.
Scythris picaepennis (White-dusted Owlet) New for Norfolk.
Lace Border found at a second Norfolk site.... in VC27!!!!
Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter 83 now available to download
Dotted Chestnut - First for Norfolk on 24th April 2013
E-moth - Moths Count Update April 2013
Duponchelia fovealis - New to VC28 on 1st Jan 2013!
CPRE Norfolk Award 2012
Cydia illutana (Larch Piercer) First for Norfolk.
Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell) New to Norfolk Vice-county 28
Cochylis molliculana (Ox-tongue Conch) First for Norfolk.
Gelechia senticetella (Cypress Groundling) First for Norfolk.
White-mantled Wainscot (Archanara neurica) - New to Norfolk!
Epiblema grandaevana (Great Bell) New to Norfolk
Sclerocona acutellus - Thatch Pearl - New to Norfolk!
Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter now available to download
E-moth Update April 2012
New Book - OUT NOW - Conifer Moths of the British Isles - Written by Jon Clifton and Jim Wheeler
Norfolk Moth Survey - Field Meetings in 2012
E-moth Update Jan 2012
E-moth Update October 2011
Moth events being organised by NWT and Natural Surroundings
E-moth Update April 2011
New Book: Bird-dropping Tortrix Moths of the British Isles
E-moth - Moths Count Update January 2011
Norfolk Moth Survey - Newsletter 78 - Autumn 2010
E-moth - Moths Count Update October 2010
Norfolk Moth Survey - Newsletter 77 - Spring 2010
Norfolk moth Survey - Events 2010
E-Moth - Moths Count Update March 2010
E-moth - Moths Count Update December 2009
Norfolk Moth Survey Newsletter 76 - Out Now
E-moth - Moths Count Update September 2009
Moths Count Update April 2009
Norfolk County Recorder Changes
New 2009 Norfolk Moths flyer
iMoths - Norfolk Moths Mobile Gateway (screen shots)
A Net Full Of Moths - English moth recorders conference presentation by Martin Harvey.
Sloe Pug
Latest website news
National moth recorders conference in Birmingham - Sat 31 Jan.
Porter's Rustic - First Norfolk Record!
Corn Moth - Nemapogon granella - recent records
Three new Norfolk micros!
Norfolk Moths at Wild About Norfolk 2008
Tree-lichen Beauty & Cloaked Pug - New Norfolk macros!
Titchwell (National Insect Week)
National Insect Week 2008
National Moth Night - Events
E-moth - Moths Count update April 2008
Moths Count Update
World of moths - a free event at RSPB Titchwell
E-moth - Moths Count update Jan 2008
E-moth - Moths Count update October 2007
Wild About Norfolk
Moths Count Newsletter
Report 2006
Posted: 23rd May 2012

Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter now available to download

Norfolk Moth Survey Spring Newsletter out now to download

- Notable Norfolk Macro moths 2011
- The Norfolk Scarce Arches
- Results from a pheromone trap
- Conifer Moths of Norfolk meeting
- A Marshland Miscellany
- Additional Norfolk Migrants 2011
- Identification series 2 - Isle of Wight Wave
- Photographs

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